Can I bring my iPod or other electronics to Widji?

When you arrive at Widji, we’ll collect any snacks, gum and electronic equipment that you brought for the bus ride. We want you to immerse yourself in the north woods, so you won’t be listening to radios or playing with electronic games during your stay. Additionally, food in the cabins attracts critters—mice, chipmunks and even bears—and we want to make sure these animals stay outside where they belong.

We’ll return all your snacks and electronics for the bus ride home.

Will we still go outside even if the weather is cold or wet?

Our goal is to show you how to stay comfortable no matter what the weather. Before you come to Widji, you’ll receive a clothing list. By following it carefully, you should be well prepared to stay comfortable outside in all sorts of weather. If you don’t have something on the clothing list, Widji has extra gear you may borrow.

Shortly after you arrive at camp, we’ll give you an orientation on how to dress to be outside in all types of weather conditions. Finally, before heading outside for our classes and activities, your Widji instructor will check to make sure you are dressed to stay warm and comfortable.