We focus on creating hearty, healthy and delicious food. Our food service staff makes most meals from scratch. Meals are served family style, and there is always a vegetarian option. We can usually accommodate other dietary needs if we know about them in advance.

Almost all of our food is made from scratch, and we get rave reviews from our visitors. Spaghetti with fresh bread and salad, tacos with all the fixings and homemade pizza are typical examples of dinners. Breakfasts always include cold cereal and a hot option, such as pancakes and sausage or scrambled eggs. We always have a good dessert after dinner—brownies, cookies or ice cream are typical.


Widji's cabins are rustic and cozy with heat and electricity. They are furnished with bunk beds, twin cots and small dressers. Each cabin has an outhouse situated nearby, and we also have a centrally located Wash House with lights, flush toilets, sinks and showers.

Each cabin can hold 12–14 people, and your class will be divided into cabin groups.