Please label all items with your child's first and last name. The items listed below for Specialty Day Camps are in addition to the items listed on the What to Bring page for all day camp campers.

Note: No special instructions needed for the following specialty camps. Pack your general camp supplies for: Traditional, Wee Backpackers Bookworm, Magic, Arts & Crafts, Fish, Frogs & Forts, Outdoor Games, Full STEAM Ahead, Critters & Crawlers, Farm & Garden, Dragon Fairy Princess, Super Hero, Pirates, Challenge/Teen Challenge, Teen Outdoor Adventure, Teen Artist and Teen Safety & Rescue.​​​


  • Camp will provide all bows and arrows. Please do not send personal bows or arrows.


  • Campers may bring your own fishing pole and tackle box. (Some are available for campers to use however)
  • Remove all hooks for the bus ride.
  • Bait will be provided.
  • Poles will stay at camp until Friday.
  • All Fishing Campers will be required to wear an approved life jacket while fishing (Life jackets will be provided by camp).

Horse Camp

  • Loose fitting long pants with straight legs, avoid Capri pants (campers are not allowed to ride in shorts)
  • Riding boots or leather boots with 1” heel are best. Please don’t send boots or shoes with a high heel.
  • Jackets should not be loose or floppy
  • Long hair should be tied back
  • No bandanas will be worn on horse
  • HSA approved Safety helmets will be provided by the YMCA
  • Not all horse time will be spent on horses.
  • For safety reasons campers may not ride in extreme heat or wet conditions.

Challenge Camp

  • Closed toe shoes

Outdoor Living Skills and Survival Skills Camp

  • Campers have the option to stay overnight on Thursday evening into Friday morning on the week of their OLS/TSS Session. Leaders In Training also have this opportunity during the SECOND week of their LIT session.
  • OLS, TSS and LITs are the only campers who have the opportunity to stay overnight at camp.
  • Campers will receive a permission slip for this overnight with reminders of what to bring
  • For the overnight they should bring: A sleeping bag, pillow, pajamas (or clothes to sleep in), toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries desired, and a lunch for both Thursday and Friday. Families can also drop of camper’s Friday lunch on Friday.
  • Tents are provided and campers will stay in tents (weather permitting: they will stay in the camp office building in the event of inclement weather)
  • If campers would prefer to bring their own tent to sleep in, they are welcome to do so. Camp Spring Lake is not liable for lost, stolen or broken overnight gear.


  • Performance for families Friday will start afternoons at 2:45pm, families should plan to arrive by 2:30pm to ensure they don’t miss anything. Performances will be at camp: 13690 Pine Bend Trail, Rosemount, MN

Teen Digital Photography

  • Campers may bring a digital camera OR bring a cellphone with camera capabilities
  • If campers choose to bring a cell phone they will not be allowed to use social media or other apps on their phone during camp time, and their phone may be taken away during the day if this becomes a problem
  • Camp Spring Lake is not liable for lost, stolen or broken phones.