Accommodating Families So All May Thrive

The YMCA works relentlessly to reduce barriers so all kids can have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Accommodation Process

Consideration is given to the individual needs of every child and the ability of the program to meet those needs. Please inform the YMCA if you or your child has special needs requiring an accommodation during the enrollment process, before their first day at the program. This information enables the YMCA to better meet your needs or those of your child, within available resources and to the extent reasonable.

Individual Care Plan

If a child is admitted having special needs, procedures stipulated by DHS Rule 3 will be followed. An individualized care plan will be developed to meet the child’s needs, restrictions, preventive factors, symptoms, etc. This plan will be coordinated either with the service plan, educational plan and/or with the physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist.

Referral Process

As a child care provider, we continually monitor the development of all children in our care through ongoing observation and recording. We want the best outcomes for all children. When a child needs additional services in areas of social, emotional, cognitive, language, and /or motor development growth, a referral to a professional resource in the community may be made. Child care providers are considered a primary referral source for early intervention under federal IDEA special education law. We are required to refer a child in our program who has been identified as having developmental concerns or a risk factor that warrants referral as soon as possible, but in no case more than seven days after the identification. This is a mandate, however we will communicate with families and caregivers about their child and any concerns we have before a referral is made. We can assist families with the referral or partner with them in the referral process.