Children gain a strong foundation for learning through interaction and exploration. Classroom experiences develop self-control, cooperation and communication skills.

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Every family deserves quality care to thrive. We offer competitive tuition rates and registration fees. Need-based scholarships are available.

Ages & Adult-to-Child Ratios

16 to 33 months


Incredible Teachers & Staff

The YMCA teachers and staff are the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Your child is important to every single one of them. We’re committed to giving your child an enriching experience that sets them up for success for years to come.

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Developmental Focus

We partner with you when it comes to helping your child thrive. Your observations, concerns and ideas help us provide developmental opportunities your child needs to:

  • Build and master communication skills 
  • Communicate emotions and needs effectively 
  • Build and master fine and gross motor skills 

Your Toddler’s Day

Sensory activities

Sensory Activities

Experience touching different textures like dough, water, and sand


Arrival, Drop-Off, and Sign In

Ease into the day with free play while socializing with friends and staff



Get ready for a day of learning with a nutritious breakfast to fuel the mind and body

Morning meeting

Morning Meeting

Learning in large groups to explore areas of daily life, weather, letter, numbers and colors

Active learning

Active Learning

Expand on concepts in smaller groups to serve individual needs

Social-Emotional Development

Social & Emotional

Engage with friends and teachers, swaying, making noise and showing silly faces 



Refueling the body while learning about healthy foods and eating habits 

Large Motor/Outdoor Exploration

Large Motor/Outdoor Exploration

Run, play, dance and sing while exploring different activities with friends

Enrichment activities

Enrichment Activities

Participate in Kids’ Fitness, foreign language learning, Music and Movement and more



Nourish the mind, body and wind down for rest time


Rest Time

Rest the mind and relax the body from a day of learning

Summary circle

Summary Circle

Share with friends and staff what you learned today, practice speaking, listening and taking turns



Pick up and transition from child care classroom to home with parents

Core Learning Areas

We work every day to make each interaction a learning moment for your child. Our core curriculum areas for toddlers include:

  • Literacy: Build vocabulary, language and communication skills
  • Mathematics: Understand basic counting and patterns
  • Science: Discover the world around them by problem-solving through play
  • Social Studies: Become aware of people and places
  • Arts: Experience with dance, music and visual art
  • Technology: Build awareness of tools
  • Healthy Habits: Learn healthy eating basics, personal safety and enjoyment of physical activity
  • Body, Mind and Spirit: Develop social skills while promoting core values  


Providing a safe, secure and predictable environment is a top priority for every YMCA Early Childhood Learning Center. Learn more about how we provide:

Our Toddler Classrooms

Educational toys, outdoor playtime and recognizing patterns and numbers are all features in your toddler’s cornerstones for growth. Learning through play and structured activities help build on accomplishments and master new, age-appropriate skills.


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