YMCA Early Childhood Learning Centers offer programs with developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate your child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth. Using our core values—caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and equity—as a guide, children develop communication, reasoning and problem-solving skills through play while interacting with other children and exploring their environment.

Safety is our No. 1 priority

Creating safe spaces for your child to learn, explore and grow is our top priority. We have established practice and procedures in place and take every precaution to ensure your child is safe.

  • Secure entry
  • Frequent site inspections and maintenance of buildings, playgrounds and equipment
  • Staff is CPR trained and first aid certified

YMCA building blocks of personal development

  • Nutrition: Good food and healthy eating habits play a critical part in helping us learn, grown and thrive. 
  • Fitness: Movement and development of motor skills help us interact with our physical environments. 
  • Education: Exposure to new ideas and learning platforms helps us make the most of our mind’s vast potential. 
  • Awareness: Learning about ourselves and others helps us develop skills to successfully engage with the world around us. 

Age-appropriate foundations

Learning healthy foundations helps develop well-rounded little individuals. We build into your child’s day these age-appropriate foundations, so they can be ready for kindergarten and beyond.

  • Healthy Eating & Physical Activity (HEPA): Learning what we put in our bodies and how we use them is fundamental to developing healthy habits that last a lifetime. 
  • Learning Through Play: Exploring the world around you is the natural process of learning how to navigate challenges and engage with others.   
  • Community Building: Fostering ties with others helps children develop a sense of goodwill and common purpose. 
  • Rest & Recharge: Taking time to process and recover from days filled with activity and new experiences.