Nap and Rest Time Policy for Full-day Care

The YMCA nap and rest policy is consistent with the development level of the children enrolled in the program.

Infants: Naps will be on each child’s individual schedule.  Children will be placed on their backs in their assigned cribs.  No blankets, bumpers or soft toys are allowed in cribs with infants—per state licensing rules.  Sleep sacks are available at our centers if the infant needs an additional layer for warmth.

Toddlers/Preschool: One afternoon nap/rest time after lunch.

Policy Details

  • Naps and rest will be provided in a quiet area that is physically separated from children who are engaged in activity that will disrupt a napping or resting child.
  • A child who has completed a nap or rested quietly for 30 minutes will not be required to remain on a cot or mat.
  • Cots and mats will be placed so there are clear aisles and unimpeded access for both adults and children on at least one side of each piece of napping and resting equipment.
  • Cots and mats will be placed directly on the floor and must be stacked when not in use.
  • Children’s heads will be uncovered during sleep time.
  • All toddlers and preschool children will sleep with footwear on to ensure safe evacuation for emergencies.
  • Separate bedding will be provided for each child in care.  Parents may provide a blanket or comfort toy for their child to assist in falling asleep.
  • Bedding provided by the center will be washed weekly by the center or when soiled or wet. 
  • Bedding provided from home will be sent home to be washed weekly or when soiled or wet.
  • YMCA centers have a written sleep policy for sleep rooms to ensure supervision within sight and sound at all times.