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Northern Lights Accommodations

About Camp Northern Lights

General Information


Various lodging options are available to accommodate groups of many sizes, including four lodge sites, 17 full-facility cabins, bungalows, and seven RV/tent sites.

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Food Service

We may not have a dining hall (yet), but we have other options! Enjoy lunch or dinner from our food providers. No meal planning, cooking, or clean-up is required! Otherwise, you are responsible for your meals during your visit to Camp Northern Lights. There are restaurant and grocery store options in nearby Babbitt and Ely. Plan on bringing food and beverages for your stay.

Recreational Equipment

YMCA adventure centers can generally provide any special equipment you may need to enjoy your time with us.

Lodging Options

Full Facility Cabins

Enjoy the comforts of home in a gorgeous wilderness setting. These cabins are equipped with bathrooms and kitchens, include flat and fitted sheets (not pillows and blankets), are scenically located, and are convenient to all activity and waterfront areas.

* Only Available June–September.

Sisu Village

Sisu is a Finnish term that translates into “strength of will, determination, and perseverance.” Come to Camp Northern Lights and discover what “sisu” might mean for you!

  • Susi – Sleeps 3*
  • Koivu – Sleeps 5*
  • Kettu – Sleeps 5*
  • Setri – Sleeps 5*
  • Virta – Sleeps 5
  • Haukka – Sleeps 6*
  • Karhu – Sleeps 10
  • Otava – Sleeps 10
Buena Vista Village

The original resort that operated these cabins was founded in 1939 and was called Buena Vista. It translates as “good view” — and that’s precisely what you can expect from these cabins, including several constellations in the night sky.

  • Lyra – Sleeps 3*
  • Pegasus – Sleeps 4*
  • Ursa – Sleeps 4*
  • Aquila – Sleeps 5*
  • Cetus – Sleeps 5*
  • Cygnus – Sleeps 5*
  • Draco – Sleeps 5*
  • Callisto – Sleeps 11*
  • Polaris – Sleeps 8
  • Cassiopeia – Sleeps 12
  • Revontulet – Sleeps 16

Additional Options

These facilities are located in Back of Beyond Village next too Bear Island Lake. Back of Beyond means “a distant place, extremely remote” — in other words, a great place to get away! A centrally located shower house with modern bathroom conveniences is located nearby, as well as a food cache shed with refrigerators and freezers for use.

Available June–September.


These cabins offer simple living. Each of the four cabins features two sets of twin-over-queen bunk beds. They also include a refrigerator, microwave, dual-burning hot plate, screened-in porch, picnic table outside, and charcoal grill. A shared fire ring is located just outside your door with a bathhouse building a short walk away.

  • Cricket – Sleeps 6
  • Pickerel – Sleeps 6
  • Spring Peeper – Sleeps 6
  • Tree Frog – Sleeps 6
Tent and RV Sites

These five sites can accommodate vehicles, including small campers or up to 25-foot pop-up trailers. Each site includes a picnic table, fire ring (with grate), bear box (food storage), electrical hook-up (30 am), and potable water spigot.

  • Sunfish – Sleeps 6
  • Bluegill – Sleeps 6
  • Pumpkinseed – Sleeps 6
  • Perch – Sleeps 6
  • Bass – Sleeps 6
Lakeside Tent Sites

These two sites cannot accommodate vehicles or trailers. Each site includes a picnic table, fire ring (with grate), bear box (food storage), electrical hook-up (30 am), and potable water spigot.

  • Walleye – Sleeps 6
  • Tullibee – Sleeps 6
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Making adventure more accessible

The YMCA offers need-based financial assistance to help people access the programs that are important to them.

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