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Sleeping at camp is a defining characteristic of our overnight camps. By living with other participants and sharing outdoor experiences, children develop lifelong skills like teamwork, personal responsibility, and respect – for nature, for others, and for themselves.

While all YMCA overnight camps feature 'traditional' camp activities – including archery, swimming, paddling, outdoor education, climbing/challenge, arts and crafts, fishing, and so much more – each location is unique in how and what 'specialty activities' it offers.

These 'specialty activities' create space for participants to pursue a wide range of interests that they may only get a sample of otherwise – like archery, horseback riding, sailing, and much more.

Activities and Programs

All YMCA overnight camp experiences include 'traditional' activities – including archery, swimming, paddling, outdoor education, climbing/challenge, arts and crafts, fishing, and so much more. In addition, each location offers a unique number of 'specialty' activities for participant to spend more time with (or stick with the Traditional camp experience).

Specialty options vary by location


Participants the fundamentals of archery, examine equipment close up, and learn the science behind target shooting. Instructors teach proper grip, stance, and aim alignment.

Canoe / Kayak

Participants learn paddling skills and canoe/kayak safety as they experience the challenge of navigating water! Kids learn to identify the parts of the canoe/kayak, paddling techniques, and the importance of teamwork.

Bridge Program

Interested in Multiple Sessions? Participants can ‘bridge’ two or more sessions together. Over 100 participants bridge two or three sessions together for a longer camp experience.

Only at Camp Warren

Climbing / Challenge

Climbers learn about basic climbing, belay techniques, knot tying, and climbing safety. Challenge participants strike test their strength, strategy, and skill on our ropes courses.

Drama / Theater

Kids free their imaginations and develop improvisational skills! Participants explore the world of theater through games, acting exercises, learning about stage make-up, and even performing for an audience.


Kids get hooked on fishing as they learn basic fishing skills. Lakes and rivers provide the scene for fishing fun using the catch-and-release method. 


Participants in our horse program develop from novice riders to young adults experienced in many aspects of equine care, grooming, riding, and training.

Outdoor Adventure / Extreme

This activity provides challenging activities that work on advancing skills in the areas of climbing, archery, paddle sports, outdoor survival, and more.

Includes: Teen Adventure and Teen Extreme


Participants will learn the basics of photography and will experiment with both portrait and landscape photography. Each day will be a different theme – from the viewpoint of an ant or include a tree as a subject.


Each day young sailors learn the basics of sailing and safety with YMCA instructors. Participants will be taught techniques and terminology for operating our fleet of sailboats as they practice their skills.

Summer Sampler

A shorter version of our Traditional Camp experience where participants get to try a wide range of outdoor activities under the supervision of well-trained staff.


Traditional camp is about exploration and discovery. By exposing to participants to many of the activities describe above – including archery, swimming, outdoor adventure, arts and crafts, fishing, and so much more – each child is leaves camp with a wide range of memories and experiences!

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Experiences vary by location.


Amery, WI


Loretto, MN


Hudson, WI


Eveleth, MN

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