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Summer Camp 2023


As you get ready for registration, please make sure your child meets our Participant Requirements.


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Camp Icaghowan 2023

Options and prices are listed below. Unless noted otherwise, each timeframe has options for boys and girls.


If you need help with registration, please get in touch with Customer Service.

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Traditional Camp

Summer Sampler

3 days | Grades 2–3 | $415

Experience three days of sampling different traditional camp activities to see if they are ready for a full week the following summer.

  • June 25–27 (Girls)
  • June 28–30 (Girls)
  • July 9–11 (Boys)
  • July 12–14 (Boys)
  • July 23–25 (Girls)
  • August 6–8 (Boys)
  • August 13–15 (Boys)
Traditional (One Week)

6 days | Grades 2–7 | $825

Days blend a blend cabin group and camper’s choice activities. Evenings are filled with all camp games, reflections, and campfires. Each camper will also experience an overnight in one of our treehouses, yurts, or platform tents around the island.

  • June 25–30
  • July 9–14
  • July 16–21
  • July 23–28
  • July 30–August 4
  • August 6–11
  • August 13–18
  • August 20–25
Traditional (Two Week)

13 days | Grades 6–7 | $1,710

Instead of a one-night overnight experience, our two-week campers experience a two nights at a neighboring State Park to learn more about outdoor cooking, wilderness skills, and camping etiquette.

  • July 9–21
  • August 13–25

Teen Focus

Teen Extreme

6 days | Grades 7–8 | $995

participate in activities like climbing, kayaking on Lake Superior, and overnight camping on the North Shore.

  • June 25–30 (Boys)
  • July 9–14 (Girls)
  • July 16–21 (Boys)
  • July 23–28 (Girls)
  • July 30–August 4 (Boys)
  • August 6–11 (Girls)
  • August 13–18 (Boys)
Teen Adventure

13 days | Grades 8–9 | $1,795

Teen Adventure is filled with fun camp activities, overnight adventures, challenging team problem-solving on our high rope, low rope, and aerial challenge courses, PLUS a four-day river canoe trip.

  • July 16–28
  • July 30–August 11

Horse Camp


6 days | Grades 2–4 | $995

For most Foals, camp is their first exposure to horseback riding. Foals spend part of each day learning about horses, riding styles, grooming, and care.

  • June 25–30
  • July 9–14
  • July 16–21
  • July 23–28
  • July 30–August 4
  • August 6–11
  • August 13–18

6 days | Grades 4–6 | $995

Pony campers are assigned a horse of their own for the entire week of camp and share in daily care, grooming, feeding, and maintenance.

  • July 25–30
  • July 9–14
  • July 16–21
  • July 23–28
  • August 13–18

13 days | Grades 6–8 | $1,995

Fillies develop their horsemanship skills by caring, training, and riding each day at camp before embarking on a four-day wilderness horse camping trip.

Fillies must have previous horseback riding experience in Foals, Ponies, or comparable experience at another camp.


  • July 30–August 11 (Girls)

Canoe Camp

Pioneers and Challengers

13 days | Grades 8–9 | $1,795

Campers experience the challenge of navigating river waters and living outdoors. Campers start with two days of in-camp skills and safety training, trip preparation, and then head out for ten days of canoeing on a Northern Wisconsin river covering 100–175 miles!

  • July 9–21
  • July 23–August 4

13 days | Grades 8–10 | $1,795

Chioneers is an all-gender inclusive canoe trip to better serve our community and offer all our campers a trail experience that is less defined by gender.

  • July 16–28
  • August 6–18
Islanders Camp

13 days | Grades 9–10 | $1,995

Islanders is a great opportunity for older campers to continue to expand their wilderness camping experience. They leave Wallace Island for Lake Superior on a six-day sea kayaking adventure. They will camp in the picturesque Apostle Islands National Lakeshore with an Icaghowan counselor and two expert sea kayaking guides through Lost Creek Adventures.

  • July 9–21
  • July 23–August 4


Work Leadership

20 days | Grades 10–11 | $1,995

The Work Leadership Camp (WLC) program is designed to provide youth with a service learning program focused on developing personal leadership style and character building. Week one is focused on service learning. Campers design their camp service project and implement it throughout the week. The second week is a river canoe trip that develops their trail and group leadership skills. And the last week is focused on leadership skill building and personal development while shadowing a seasoned camp counselor or program lead.

  • July 25–July 14
  • July 16–August 4
  • August 6–25
Counselor In Training (CIT)

26 days | Grades 11–12 | $1,995

The Counselor in Training (CIT) program offers a leadership development program tailored to campers who intend to become counselors or youth development workers. This program includes CPR training from the American Red Cross, a canoe trip down a Wisconsin River, and youth leadership information.

  • June 25–July 21
  • July 30–August 25
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