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As you get ready for registration, please make sure your child meets our Participant Requirements.


Registration for 2024 Overnight Camp is now open.

Options and prices are listed below. Unless noted otherwise, each timeframe has options for boys and girls.


If you need help with registration, please contact Customer Service.

If you would like paper-based registration documents, please visit Paperwork.

Traditional Camp

Summer Sampler

Grades 2–6

Experience a sampling of different traditional camp activities to see if they are ready for a full week the following summer.

3 days | $465

  • June 12–14

4 days | $615

  • June 30–July 3
One Week Traditional

6 days | Grades 2–6 | $925

Experience fun-filled days that blend a blend cabin group and camper’s choice activities. Evenings are filled with all camp games, reflections, and campfires with their cabin groups.

  • June 23–28
  • July 7–12
  • July 14–19
  • July 21–26
  • July 28–August 2
  • August 4–9
Taste of Croix

6 days | Grades 6–8 | $950

In addition to traditional camp activities, TOC participants spend each afternoon trying one of our specialty camp programs — including canoeing, sailing, and rock climbing — and also have an advanced overnight experience at one of our special sites on the property.

  • June 23–28
  • July 7–12 (Girls)
  • July 14–19 (Girls)
  • July 21–26 (Boys)
  • July 28–August 2 (Boys)
  • August 4–9

Horse Camp

Boots and Saddles

6 days | Grades 6–8 | $1,150

Boots and Saddles camper’s transition from Western to English riding, spending two afternoons with our partners at the St. Croix Training Center.

  • June 23–28
  • July 7–12 (Girls)
  • July 14–19 (Girls)
  • July 21–26 (Girls)
  • July 28–August 2 (Girls)
  • August 4–9

13 days | Grades 8–10 | $2,235

Wranglers spend more time in activities besides riding, such as grooming and training. Between the two weeks of Camps St. Croix, participants also spend a weekend at Pine Lake Pastures camping, riding, and learning about advanced horse care.

  • July 7–19 (Girls)

Canoe Camp


6 days | Grades 7–9 | $990

Our Frontiers campers learn the basics of canoe tripping before they spend two days and one-night camping and paddling the lower St. Croix River. For most of our Frontiers, it is their first time traveling by canoe.

  • June 23–28 (All Gender)
  • July 14–19 (Girls)
  • July 28–August 2 (Boys)
  • August 4–9 (All Gender)

13 days | Grades 8–10 | $2,010

Our Voyageur campers spend the first few days at camp reviewing their paddling and river safety skills, then they will spend eight days and seven nights on the Namekagon and St. Croix rivers.

  • June 30–July 12
  • July 21–August 2

Sailing Camp

First Mates

6 days | Grades 7–9 | $990

The First Mates introduces participants to basic sailing skills and techniques for optimist-class boats. First Mates spend a portion of each day sailing and the rest of their time participating in traditional camp activities.

  • June 23–28 (Boys)
  • July 7–12 (All Gender)
  • July 21–26 (All Gender)
  • August 4–9 (Girls)

13 days | Grades 8–10 | $2,235

Our Windjammers graduate to 420’s and a variety of keelboats, experiencing expert training in partnership with St. Croix Sailing School. Participants also have the opportunity to sail for four days on Lake Superior, surrounding the Apostle Islands, through our partnership with Howl and Dreamcatcher Sailing in Bayfield, WI.

  • June 30–July 12
  • July 21–August 2

Rock Climbing Camps


6 days | Grades 7–9 | $1,115

Rockers learn basic climbing techniques and safety protocols at Camp St. Croix’s climbing facilities. Midway through their week, Rockers take part in an overnight camping trip to Taylors Falls for some classic outdoor top-rope climbing with Vertical Endeavors Guided Adventures.

  • June 23–28 (All Gender)
  • July 7–12 (Girls)
  • July 14–19 (Girls)
  • July 21–26 (Boys)
  • July 28–August 2 (Boys)
  • August 4–9 (Girls)

13 days | Grades 8–10 | $2,120

Cliffhangers similarly begin with safety and experience training at the camp before hitting the trail for five days and four nights to experience the crags of Devil’s Lake State Park. Our partners at Vertical Endeavors Guided Adventures facilitate all our outdoor climbing.

  • July 7–19
  • July 28–August 9

Farm and Garden Camps

Farm and Garden Camp

6 days | Grades 5–7 | $945

Through this one week camp, participants will not only enjoy the traditional aspects of camp, but also spend time on our farm! They’ll experience first-hand the day-to-day operations of a working farm, maintain the high tunnels, harvest produce, and work with the animals. They will have the opportunity to harvest produce for the dinning hall, and learn how the leftovers are composted and returned to the soil to grow more vegetables next year.

Campers can look forward to a one night “Farm Stay” where they will camp out on the farm and prepare their meals with produce harvested with their own hands! Campers will be able to witness first-hand how flavorful fruits and vegetables are when they are grown locally and picked at the peak of harvest. During this Farm Stay, campers will learn the skills sets needed to identify ripe vegetables, how to harvest them, and the cooking techniques required to complete the process of learning to eat what we grow.

  • July 28–August 2 (Girls)
  • August 4–9 (Boys)

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Intro LDP

13 days | Grades 10–11 | $2,120

In addition to group facilitation, leadership, and technical outdoor skills, LDP participants learn how to solve problems and make decisions confidently and in collaboration with others.

  • July 14–26 (All Gender)
  • July 28–August 9 (All Gender)
Advanced LDP

26 days | Grades 11–12 | $3,775

In addition to group facilitation, leadership, and technical outdoor skills, LDP participants learn how to solve problems and make decisions confidently and in collaboration with others.

  • June 23–July 19 (All Gender)
  • July 14–August 9 (All Gender)
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Tier I – Canoe

6 days | Grades 7–9 | $925

B/G Tier I canoers will spend two days, one night on the St. Croix river canoeing, along with a range of traditional camp and leadership development activities while in camp.

  • June 23–28
  • July 7–12
  • August 4–9
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Tier I – Climb

6 days | Grades 7–9 | $925

B/G Tier I climbers will spend two days, one night at MN Interstate State Park, natural climbing with leadership from Vertical Endeavors Guided Adventures, climbing and high ropes experiences, traditional camp, and leadership development activities while in camp.

  • July 14–19 (Boys)
  • July 28–August 2 (Girls)
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Tier II – Canoe and Climb

13 days | Grades 8–10 | $2,010

B/G Tier 2 canoe and climb campers will spend four days, three nights on the St. Croix River canoeing and camping. They will also spend a day natural climbing at MN Interstate State Park. They will spend the remainder of their time at camp doing traditional camp, leadership development, and high ropes activities on our challenge courses.

  • July 7–19 (Boys)
  • July 21–August 2 (Girls)
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Two young ladies at a climbing course

Making adventure more accessible

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