Nature and Science Camps

Kids are inspired to explore our natural environment and delight in the wonders of discovery.

Farm & Garden Camp

Entering grades 1 – 3 in fall

Join us for a week of wholesome fun on the farm and in the garden! Kids working the farm will explore gardens, fields, and pastures. Campers discover how plants, animals, soil and people work together to produce the food that we eat every day. Plus, they’ll learn what it means to be a good steward in this unique farming experience.

Fish, Frogs and Forts Camp

Entering grades 1 – 3 in fall

Filled with exploration and environmental education, we’ll focus on fort building and discovery of insects, fish and frogs. Campers learn basic fishing skills while practicing the catch-and-release method. Bait and fishing equipment is provided at camp but you may bring your own.

Outdoor Living Skills Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

Kids develop their outdoor living skills in this exciting, hands-on specialty camp! Campers discover the finer points of preparing for a big outdoor adventure. Participants will learn a variety of useful camping skills that may include building a fire, making camp shelters, knot tying, campfire cooking and more!

Outdoor Cooking Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

Kids develop their camping skills by learning how to build a fire and cook over it. Campers receive lessons in outdoor cooking safety, cooking techniques, and the essentials for making healthy snacks and scrumptious meals in the great outdoors.

Science Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

Campers take off into a world of exploration through hands-on experiments to learn essential concepts applied towards a variety of eruptions, engineering experiments and much more. STEM curriculum is used in a fun, hands on way.