Outdoor Sports Camps

Kids have fun in the fresh air learning about equipment and technique.

Archery and Slingshot Camp

Entering grades 1 – 3 in fall
Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

Two amazing and traditional target sports, the bow and arrow and the slingshot, are very popular today. Participants will gain understanding and learn to properly use them both safely. Campers will learn to make and use their own targets, learn about different types of bows and the basics of aiming and target shooting.

Fishing Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

Kids get hooked on fishing as they learn basic fishing skills. Lakes provide the scene for fishing fun using the catch-and release method. Campers can bring their own pole and tackle, or equipment will be provided.

Outdoor Games Camp

Entering grades 4 – 6 in fall

It’s all fun and games as campers learn to play a variety of outdoor games with a “camp style”. Campers learn to play field, yard and international games. This camp is a safe, non-competitive program designed to build leadership skills and self-esteem through team work. A field trip to a disc gold course is planned each week.