Please label all items with your child's first and last name. The items listed below for Specialty Day Camps are in addition to the items listed on the What to Bring page for all day camp campers.

Archery Camp

Fishing Camp

  • Campers may bring your own fishing pole and tackle box. (Some are available for campers to use however)
  • Remove all hooks for the bus ride.
  • Bait will be provided.
  • Poles will stay at camp until Friday.
  • All Fishing Campers will be required to wear an approved life jacket while fishing (Life jackets will be provided by camp).
  • Standard Day Camp Items

Water Adventure Camp

Standup Paddleboard Camp

Climbing Camp

Teen Photography Camp

  • Campers need to bring their own cameras. If a camera is not available an IPad or tablet can be used instead. All devices will be kept in the office when not being used. Standard Day Camp Items