Our climbing events are designed to push you and your group out of their comfort zone and off into excitement and growth.

Our YMCA Team Building program is available year-round for groups up to 75. Call us at 763-592-5515 or email us, and we will help you design a program that meets your group's unique goals.

Climbing Tower

  • 2 45ft climbing walls
  • Team Belayed
  • Climb together

Leap Of Faith

  • Jump from the top of a 25ft Pillar
  • Supported by your team
  • Push yourself to greatness

Giant Ladder

  • Climb a ladder left behind by giants
  • Help your partner to the top
  • Every step is a new challenge

Circuit courses and Giant Zip

  • Travel around obstacles 25ft or 35ft of the ground
  • Cruse hundreds of feet on our zip lines
  • Challenge yourself in new and exciting ways