Our Adventure Hunt, Great Puzzle Race, and other large group programs use the competitive spirit to have fun and grow together.

Adventure hunt

The adventure is a massive scavenger hunt challenge where teams work together to find clues all over our 1,200 acres. Once all the clues are done the group must unscramble them to find the hidden message before any of the other teams.

Puzzle Race

Are you good at problem-solving well here is your chance to prove it. The Great Puzzle race pits team versus a team in one massive puzzle after another till you have all the parts to build the last Puzzle. Then it becomes a race to the finish line to see who the best team is.

Our YMCA Team Building program is available year-round for groups up to 75. Call us at 763-592-5515 or email us, and we will help you design a program that meets your group's unique goals.