Health & Safety Protocols

Safety steps at YMCA Early Childhood Learning Centers

  • We follow a regular schedule for frequent cleaning of toys, surfaces and cloth items.
  • When we see children put toys and other items in their mouths, we put them in a “mouthed toy bucket” and ensure that they are washed, sanitized and rinsed before they are placed back out for use.
  • We follow our illness exclusion policies for children, families and team members.
  • Should we receive a report of a child having a communicable disease/illness, we inform families by placing a notice at the sign in/out kiosk and by the classrooms as well as send a message out via KidReports. This allows you to see when we have a confirmed case of an illness. We also provide a list of the signs and symptoms to watch for, as well as the exclusion polices.
  • The YMCA Early Childhood Teaching teams receive training on infectious diseases and disease control. We have policies in place that are followed if any children, adults and/or staff exhibit symptoms.
  • Staff clean and sanitize the classrooms per our training and per polices put in place by our public health nurse.