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Group western horseback riding lessons are designed for a range of riders – from beginners to those looking to expand their skills and knowledge. In addition to riding, you may also learn to lead, groom, tack up, and care for your horse. Our instructors and assistants will guide you through the process, emphasizing safe horse handling practices both on the ground and in the saddle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Lessons are one (1) hour-long with a maximum of 6 riders per group. 

  • Participants register for a day.
  • New riders must attend a separate assessment to determine their group assignment.
  • Each group is assigned a specific time slot during the day.
  • Riders only need to attend for their assigned time.

The first part of Lesson One will focus on catching, haltering, saddling, bridling, and horse care. The second part will focus on riding instruction – including holding the reins (hands), leg cues, and seat.

Pre-Lesson Videos

The second lesson will continue to focus on hands, leg cues, and seat.  This will progress to controlling our horse's movements and performing pattern skills.

Pre-lesson Videos

  • Focus on "sit, look, and turn."
  • Working drills to enhance forward movement within our turns.
  • Control at higher rates of speed.
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