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Garcia Angelo

I attended camp for a few years in the 1970's with the 4th Baptist Church in North Mpls. I was in Big Al's Carp Club, for catching the biggest carp I wonder if my plaque is still on the wall!? It was a honor to be apart of the Club and the Camp. I learned how to play ping pong at camp. I have nothing but fond memories of going to camp. My older brother, Albert Garcia Jr. and I went for years and gained stars on our Maple Leaf patches. We loved canoeing out to the island and staying a night, eating rhino meat out of a can! What memories!!

Dawn Logan

Three summers 1971-1973 as assistant cook working with Marion Larsen was a learning experience. At the time was an all boys camp and I lived in the health services building. Big Al and Bruce Benidt were the movers and shakers of the staff. We had camp super heroes which included 'The Flash'. Guitar provided by Paul Norrgard and others. Viet Nam draft lottery, movie 'Little Big Man' with Dustin Hoffman had staff imitating using flashlights and saying 'go snake eyes', ping pong games in staff lounge, walks down cabin row at night. Jerry as camp director often walked into the kitchen...one time Gregg Rosholt was juggling meat balls with one hitting the ceiling then dropping to the ground...! And staff will not tell tales on how they often broke into the kitchen for night time raids?!