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Richard Liepold

I attended Camp Warren in the early 40's for a 2 week session.

I was very shy and was picked on by many of my classmates in a middle school in Winnetka, IL My parents felt I needed some help in growing up, and felt this experience would help in that regard.

What a great experience that was. I finally grew out of my shell and opened up, and gained a lot of confidence in myself.

I was able to obtain a counselor's position the following summer, and this allowed me to learn to teach sailing,swimming, and I took the campers on their 2 day and one week trips. These trips were the highlight of my experience at Camp Warren.

I went on to a very positive High School and College experience, and ultimately became President of a Lighting Manufacturer In Meriden CT.

I am now fully retired at age 88, and remember my days at Camp Warren with great fondness and appreciation for it's positive impact on my early growth, and ultimate success in the working world.

Thank you.