Team Building

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

If team building is a goal of your organization’s conference or retreat, Camp Warren has the skills and equipment to help. Our exercises are challenging, fun and designed to explore leadership and teamwork.

Contact our team, and we will help you design a half- or full-day program that meets your organization’s unique goals.

High Circuit Course

Our High Circuit Course towers 40 feet above the ground, where participants access a series of platforms through various obstacles. Participants enter the course on a ladder and descend from the trees on a zip line.

Pamper Pole

The Pamper Pole challenges individuals to set goals and build self-confidence as they climb. If they choose, climbers can jump from the top of a 28-foot pole with their safety systems.

Giant’s Ladder

The Giant’s Ladder is a 30-foot “giant ladder”—anchored at the top but loose at the bottom. Participants climb in pairs and challenge themselves to climb as far as they can. Climbers must cooperate, support and trust their partners.

Climbing Tower

The Climbing Tower is a 40-foot tower that participants can climb solo or connected to another climber. Climbers go as far as they can while being supported by the rest of the group.

Low Ropes

Low Ropes exercises are exciting, collaborative challenges that our staff tailors to meet the group’s needs. The ultimate goal is to provide a fun, safe environment in which your group can build trust and communication through teamwork.