Wilderness Trips

Short Border Canoe Trip

Grades 7 and up

Canoeists leave base camp to dip their paddles into crystal-clear water while gliding past majestic pines in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness! On this beginning to mid-level wilderness canoe trip, campers learn the basics of wilderness canoe-tripping and minimum impact camping. Campers begin with in-camp preparations before their 5-day trip to the BWCAW. The remainder of the 2-week session is spent doing traditional camp activities. This is a great preparation for longer canoe trips.


2G | June 20 – July 2 - $1,620

3G | July 4 – July 16 - $1,620


1B | July 18 – 30 - $1,620

2B | August 1 – 13 - $1,620

Long Border Canoe Trip (Invitation Only)

Grades 9 and up

The Border trip is the pinnacle canoe trip experience at Camp Warren. The trip has a long history and is rich in traditions. Campers will arrive at camp on Sunday, prepare for the trip and then head out on a 9 night 10 day trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Call 612-822-2267 to learn more.


2G | June 20 – July 2 - $1,920

3G | July 4 – July 16 - $1,920


1B | July 18 – 30 - $1,920

2B | August 1 – 13 - $1,920

50/50 Sailing Trip (Invitation Only)

Grades 9 and up

The Fifty-Fifty sailing trip has been a long standing tradition at Camp Warren. We are fortunate to be teamed up with Dreamcatcher Sailing, based in Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Warren campers and a counselor become the crew as they learn how to sail and handle the boat, anchoring or docking at night at one of the protected islands of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. By day, they sail, swim, hike and explore the sea caves by dinghy. Call 612-822-2267 to learn more about the trip.


2G | June 20 – July 2 - $2,320

3G | July 4 – July 16 - $2,320


1B | July 18 – 30 - $2,320

2B | August 1 – 13 - $2,320

Long Long Border (Invitation Only)

Long Long Border is a 14-day canoe trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. This trip’s roots date back to 1972 when Warren began running the “Outpost” trip for campers who wished to experience more expeditionary travel after their Long Border year. Campers that excelled on Long Border are invited on this extended canoe trip to explore more of the wilderness area and further strengthen their expeditionary travel and leadership skills. Call 612-822-2267 to learn more.


July 4 – July 18 - $1,920


August 1 – 15 - $1,920

100/100 Sailing Trip (Invitation Only)

Successful 50/50 participants are invited to participate in this extended Lake Superior sailing trip. Five days longer than 50/50, sailors are able to explore more of Lake Superior and participate in more technical crossings. Routes may include a visit to Isle Royale or exploring Superior’s North Shore. Nine days of working as a crew, learning about one of North America’s greatest treasures – Lake Superior, and having fun. Call 612-822-2267 for more information.


June 23 – July 2 - $2,695


July 21 – 30 - $2,695