Food at Camp

Before and after going on trail, campers eat meals together in our beautiful, log Kirby dining hall. Almost all the food is made from scratch and we emphasize serving healthy delicious food. Typical breakfasts always include a variety of cold cereals, oatmeal and an additional hot entrée such as pancakes, eggs or breakfast burritos. Typical lunch options include soups and build your own sandwich or wrap. Our dinners generally are entrees such as pastas with sauce or tacos and burritos. Meals always include fresh fruits or vegetables. We also always have a vegetarian entrée option.

We can accommodate most food allergies and other dietary needs however we need to know about them in advance. Please contact us with any concerns.

Food on The Trail

Campers are involved in the menu planning for their trip and can tailor their trail menu to suit their tastes. But generally, meals are made from scratch out of common grocery items and specialized dehydrated goods.

Common menu items include:

  • Breakfast: granola, pancakes, oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, Grape Nuts.
  • Lunch: cheese, sausage, raisins, gorp (trail mix), crackers, peanut butter, and tortillas.
  • Dinner: macaroni and cheese, calzones, burritos, soups.
  • Groups are mostly limited by their own imaginations!