We open our registration process every year with a Lottery. The Lottery is designed to give all campers who have registered by January 7 an equal opportunity to be placed in the trip of their choice. We must receive your Lottery registration by 5pm on Tuesday, January 7th in order to include you in the Lottery. We accept online, walk-in, mail and fax registrations. 

Don't be alarmed if the registration website indicates only a few spots are left or there is a waitlist. The Lottery process will give everyone an equal opportunity. 

Lottery Process:

  • We start Lottery Day by randomly ordering all of the campers who have registered by January 7. We assign all sessions and subsequent waitlist positions in this order starting with campers who have received advanced trip invitations, followed by returning campers and then new campers.
  • If you have listed more than one choice for sessions, you will be enrolled in the order of your choices according to space availability. This means that if you end up on the wait list for your first choice, and there is space available on your second choice, we will automatically enroll you in your second choice and keep you on the wait list for your first choice. You will increase your odds of getting into a session if you list more than one choice; the more you list, the greater the odds. Please, list only those sessions which you know you will be able to attend.
  • Once staff have completed the Lottery, we will notify all families of their placement via email. The campers of families who received their 2nd or 3rd choice or who are on our waitlist will receive a follow up phone call. 
  • Open Enrollment begins Wednesday, January 28, 2020. At this time registrations will be processed on a first come first served basis according to availability. Please contact us before January 28 if you would like to change your Lottery results. 

Lottery Dates

  • Lottery Registration Deadline: January 7
  • Lottery Results Communicated: January 17
  • Open Enrollment Opens: January 28


  • Trips will not be listed individually on the registration page, rather you will register for a Lottery and there will be spaces in the online registration process to enter your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of trips/dates.
    • NOTE: When asked to enter grade of the child, please list the grade they will be in for Fall 2020. The grade entered determines which trips your child is eligible for.
  • There are two lotteries listed on the registration page entitled Widjiwagan Lottery 2020 and Widjiwagan Invitational Lottery. The deadline for both these lotteries is January 7. The trip that you are registering your camper for determines which Lottery is appropriate for you. Follow the handy guide below for help with the answer.

Widjiwagan New & Returning Lottery 2020

Lottery Registration

  • Trips included:
    • Pathfinder Canoe
    • Intro to Boundary Waters Canoe
    • BOLD and GOLD Canoe
    • Boundary Waters Canoe
    • Quetico Canoe
    • Isle Royale Backpack
    • Porcupine Mountains Backpack
    • Bighorn Mountains Backpack
    • Rocky Mountains Backpack

Widjiwagan Invitational Lottery 2020

Invitational Lottery Registration

  • To register for this Lottery, you should have received an invitation letter from Widji. 
  • Advanced Trips included:
    • Explorer Canoe & Backpack
    • Advanced Explorer Canoe & Backpack
    • Voyageur & Mountaineer

Trailmate Requests:

We encourage campers to come to camp ready to make new friends. Strong friendships formed on trail are unique part of a Widji trip. We also understand that some campers feel most comfortable coming to camp with a friend.

  • Trailmate requests will move through the Lottery together - both campers will be placed in a trip when one of the friends is drawn.
  • Trailmate requests must be mutual. We are unable to honor a request if only one of the pair of campers lists a trailmate request.
  • Siblings that register for the same session will be placed in separate trail groups.
  • Please remember that we can honor only one trailmate request.
  • Trailmate requests that involve both returning and new campers will be drawn in the returning camper lottery.
  • We are not able to accept friend requests for Invitational trips.

Scholarship Information:

Widji welcomes all who wish to participate and annually raises scholarship funds to ensure camp fees are not a barrier for anyone. Additional Information