We will conduct summer 2022 registration on a first come, first served basis similar to 2021. We have worked diligently to iron out the technical glitches reported during registration last fall. After quite a bit of reflection, we feel that first come-first served registration continues to move Widji in the direction of a more streamlined and transparent registration experience.  Please read below to learn the details of registering for a summer 2022 Widji trip.

2022 Registration Process

Widjiwagan Registration for summer 2022 will be conducted on a first come, first served basis in two stages. Registration will open for campers who receive an advanced trip invitation first followed by Open Registration for all new and returning campers. We are opening registration to new and returning campers at the same time this year in order to offer a more equitable experience.

2022 Invitational Camper Registration: Nov 30 - Dec 21

Campers included in this registration period will receive an invitation to register for one of the following trips:

Advanced Camper Invitations will be sent out by email over the month of October. Voyageur and Mountaineer Invitations will be sent first, followed by Advanced Explorer Canoe and Backpack invitations and finally, Explorer Invitations. We communicate with every camper who is eligible to be considered for an invitation based on grade so please reach out to us at Info@widji.org if you have not heard anything by November 16. Every year, a few campers don't receive their invitations due to changes of address or other extenuating circumstances.

2022 Open Registration

Registration is now open for all trips and all campers.


Widji offers single gender and all gender trips at most levels of our trip progression. At the time of registration, campers will be able to select one of four gender options – female, non-binary, male or “options do not reflect me.” You will see available sessions based on the gender and grade that you select for your camper.

  • Male programs: open to campers who are Male, Non-Binary, or Options Do Not Reflect Me
  • Female programs: open to campers who are Female, Non-Binary, or Options Do Not Reflect Me
  • All Gender programs: open to all campers 

Reserving Your Spot!

  1. Campers can reserve their spot either through online registration or by submitting a paper registration form.
  2. Families should register their camper using the grade that their camper will be entering in the fall  – a current 10th grader who wants to register for an Explorer trip, for example, should enter 11th grade in our registration system.
  3. A non-refundable deposit of $50 for is due with each registration with the exception of Voyageur Canoe and Mountaineer Backpack registrations.
    1. Please note that we require a $500 for Voyageur Canoe and Mountaineer Backpack trips due to the significant preparation that these trips require before campers arrive at camp.
  4. Families should register their camper using the grade that their camper will be entering in the fall – a current 10th grader who wants to register for an Explorer trip, for example, should enter 11th grade in our registration system.


All remaining fees are due in 4 installments on February 15, March 15, April 15 and May 15. Registrations after May 15 require full payment. Balances not paid by May 15 may result in forfeiture of registration along with the deposit.

  • Payments can be made by check, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

We also offer alternate payment plans for families who would like to spread payment out over a longer period. Please contact the Customer Service Center at the time of registration to hear about our payment plan policy and establish an alternate payment plan.

Popular Sessions and Waitlists

Campers will be registered for whichever session they select and should not list multiple choices when they register. Once a session fills, it is full but campers will still be able to register for waitlists. Campers can both register for a waitlist and register for an open spot in another trip. We will notify families if a spot opens up on a trip that they are on the waitlist for.

Trailmate Requests

We encourage campers to come to camp ready to make new friends. Strong friendships formed on trail are unique part of a Widji trip. We also understand that some campers feel most comfortable coming to camp with a friend.

  • Trailmate requests must be mutual. We are unable to honor a request if only one of the pair of campers lists a trailmate request.
  • Campers requesting each other must register for the same session.
  • If a session fills before both campers are able to register, we will not be able to open additional spots to accommodate their trailmate request. 
  • Siblings that register for the same session will be placed in separate trail groups.
  • Please remember that we can honor only one trailmate request.
  • We are not able to accept friend requests for Invitational trips due to other group considerations.


Widji welcomes all who wish to participate and annually raises scholarship funds to ensure camp fees are not a barrier for anyone. Additional Information