Archery Camp

    • Bows and arrows provided by camp

    Arts & Crafts

    • Materials and equipment provided
    • Feel free to donate additional arts and crafts supplies

    Canoeing & Kayaking

    • Extra pair of shorts or pants
    • Swimsuit and towel
    • Pair of water shoes or sandals

    Climbing Camp

    • Closed-toe shoes

    Dragon, Fairies and Princess Camp

    • Campers are welcome to bring dress up clothes to the special tea party at the end of the week.

    Fish Frogs and Forts

    • Tackle, and bait are provided at camp. Campers may bring their own fishing pole. (Make sure to remove all hooks for the bus ride). Extra poles are available at camp. 

    Horse Camp

    • Loose fitting long pants with straight legs, avoid Capri pants (campers are not allowed to ride in shorts)
    • Hard soled boots or shoes with heels 1/4 " - 1/2" high (avoid canvas tennis shoes or loafers)
    • Jackets should not be loose or floppy
    • Long hair should be tied back
    • HSA approved Safety helmets will be provided by the YMCA
    • Not all horse time will be spent on horses
    • For safety reasons campers may not ride in extreme heat or wet conditions

    Water Adventure, Sailing and Log Rolling Camps

    • Bring a swimsuit and towel each day
    • Water shoes

    For all other specialty camps, equipment is provided.