The YMCA Beacons Program is a collaborative community initiative for young people in grades K-12. Schools around the Twin Cities metro provide free and high-quality educational, recreational and leadership development activities after school and in the summer.

Under the current Stay At Home order in Minnesota, Beacons is being offered virtually.

Where to find Beacons

The Beacons Program is offered at select schools in Minneapolis, Richfield and St. Paul. To get involved …

In Minneapolis

Find and contact your school to learn more about the program, then complete the Minneapolis registration form.

Anne Sullivan Communication Center / Anishinabe Academy

KIPP North Star 

Nellie Stone Johnson Community School 

Roosevelt High School 

Thomas Edison High School

In Richfield

Contact Dezmon Harper or Michelle Hinojosa to learn more about the program, then complete the Richfield registration form.

Richfield High School

  • Grades 9-12

In St. Paul

Find and contact your school to learn more about the program, then complete the St. Paul registration form.

John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School

Maxfield Elementary School

About Beacons

On any given day in the Beacons program, young people might enjoy a healthy meal, academic groups with licensed teachers, and enrichment groups like sports, music, breakdancing or art. At the end of the day, young people participate in a closing reflection, and then dismiss for home—busses are provided to young people that qualify for school-day transportation.

The program is designed to help young people:

  • Establish connections with caring adults and peers in a safe space—96% of Beacons participants say they know an adult in the program will help them if they have a problem
  • Improve holistic wellbeing—96% of Beacons participants say the program has helped them identify interests and talents
  • Stay on track academically through high school graduation—Beacons participants are 2.2 times more likely to graduate on time
  • Develop skills to prepare for college, work and life—more than 70% of Beacons participants that graduate high school enroll in college
  • Foster connections with school and the community—Beacons participants attend school one week more than similar peers