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Creating pathways for youth involved with the juvenile justice system — or at risk of it — to achieve safety, stability, and well-being

Youth are connected to 1:1 mentoring services that support goal setting and achievement by helping remove barriers, build skills, navigate systems, build support networks, and guide youth and families on their pathways toward success and well-being.

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Anyone can refer a young person for services, including self-referrals. Please include the name, date of birth, and preferred contact information for the referral.

Youth Justice Programs


Truancy Intervention

The be@school program focuses on improving school attendance for children reported to the Hennepin County Attorney's Office (HCAO) because of the child's unexcused absences.

This program monitors school attendance and encourages school attachment and achievement. It also assesses the barriers to school attendance, helps educate parents, and assists in referrals for family support services.

1:1 support is offered to students and families in Hennepin County who are referred to the county for truancy through their schools. Short-term intervention is focused on removing barriers preventing school attendance and providing full family support.


Exit/Reentry Services

EXERT is a supportive service program in partnership with Anoka, Hennepin, and Ramsey County Juvenile Corrections.

EXERT works with youth aged 12-24 who are at risk of or are already justice system involved. It aims to prevent and disrupt Justice System Involvement by matching youth with a Life Coach for 1:1 support. 

1:1 support is individualized and focuses on connecting youth to wraparound services to avoid system entry, complete probation/court orders, and increase self-sufficiency and wellbeing to avoid further system involvement.

UP Program

Diversion Services for Runaway Youth

UP is a YMCA diversion program in partnership with Hennepin County and north suburban police departments. This program provides group-based services to youth at risk of or who have runaway from home, and reside in or have connections to Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, New Hope, Crystal, or Robbinsdale. 1:1 supportive services are also offered.

Youth Groups

Providing group education and support for youth to build skills and increase positive peer/community relationships. Groups offered include:

  • Runaway Prevention
  • Violence Prevention
  • Boy's and Young Men's groups
Youth Intervention Program

Violence Prevention

1:1 and group-based support to youth in North Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs. This program is focused on providing prevention and intervention services for boys, young men, and masculine youth. Youth served are typically between the ages of 12-18. 

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