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I am enough and I've had enough

Enough. is a supportive services program working in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Health Safe Harbor and other Federal Agencies.

Open Access

Enough. provides supportive services to youth aged 26 and under in the Twin Cities Metro Area and surrounding suburbs who are at risk of or already experiencing sexual violence or trauma. 

Youth are never required to disclose experiences to enroll in services.

Enough. works with youth of any identity and has specialized services for Female/Femme/Trans Youth* and Native and Indigenous Youth.

*Age 17 and under in Ramsey, Hennepin, and Anoka Counties.

Individual Support

Youth receive one-on-one Life Coaching (mentoring) support aimed at helping assess and meet basic needs and goals to help youth achieve safety, stability, and well-being.

Services are free, completely voluntary, and individualized. We support youth using strength-based, harm reduction, non-judgemental, and trauma-informed best practices that allow for services to be comprehensive and individualized.

Youth Groups

Enough. also provides group-based education aimed at decreasing risk factors and increasing protective factors/resiliency to prevent Human Trafficking and other forms of Sexual Trauma or Domestic Violence, as well as promoting Healthy Relationships.

We utilize the 'Not A Number' curriculum, ' Circle Curriculums,' and 'Safe Dates.'

In addition to curriculum-based services, Enough. provides opportunities for youth to safely engage in pro-social activities with peers, such as camping and outdoor activities, field trips, and skill-building workshops.

Anyone can refer a young person for services, including self-referrals. Please include the name, date of birth, and preferred contact information for the referral.

Not a Number Curriculum

"Not a Number [from Love146] is an interactive child trafficking and exploitation prevention curriculum designed to provide youth with information and skills in a manner that inspires them to make safe choices. Youth learn to identify and utilize healthy support systems that may decrease their vulnerabilities."

Not a Number Booklet

Enough. Services

Culturally Specific Services

A supportive service program for Native youth aged 24 and under in the seven-county metro area who have experienced exploitation or trafficking. The program offers:

  • 1:1 community-based supportive services working with Native staff
  • Opportunities to connect or reconnect to traditional healing and cultural practices
  • Opportunities to engage in culturally specific pro-social activities, events, workshops, and more
Gender-Specific Services

A supportive service program in partnership with Ramsey, Hennepin, and Anoka Counties. This program works with female/femme/trans-identified youth ages 17 and under.

The program is designed to offer 1:1 community-based supportive services to young people who are justice system involved, experiencing sexual exploitation/human trafficking, or who are at high risk. Services include gender-specific groups.

Prevention, Intervention, and Aftercare Services

A supportive service program works with any young person aged 26 and under within the seven-county Metro area of MN.

The program is designed to offer 1:1 community-based supportive services to young people who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing various levels of violence and trauma, focusing on sexual exploitation/sex trafficking.

Survivor Leadership Initiative

The Y believes in providing paid opportunities for victims and survivors to contribute to internal program development, as well as opportunities to engage in community advocacy and systems-based change.

Enough. Trainings

Training sessions focus on increasing community and provider capacity to identify and respond to Human Trafficking, provide Trauma-Informed and Culturally Competent services, and more. Training can be adjusted to meet individualized needs.

Thanks to You

Your generosity makes our good work possible.