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To Heal is to Make Whole

The word "heal" comes from the Old English word “hal,” which means "whole"

Being healthy has become a complicated task in our modern world. For example, more people are living with lifestyle-related chronic conditions than ever before.

These conditions can be prevented and addressed using evidence-based, whole-person practices that can heal individuals, build communities, and serve the greater good.

This new program area represents YMCA of the North’s commitment to making whole-person wellbeing a fundamental part of its mission-driven work to strengthen our youth, inspire healthy outcomes, and heal our communities.

Whole Person Approach Graphic

A Whole-Person Approach

Wellbeing is personal, and each person is unique


For some, self-directed health and fitness work well. Others respond better to personal guidance and support.

Our new approach — rooted in integrative health and whole-person wellbeing practices — gives you another option for healthy living at the Y.

Instead of a "one size fits all" program, our board-certified practitioners help you plan and navigate your wellbeing journey.

What is Whole-Person Wellbeing?

Whole beings are well beings


Whole-person wellbeing means being an active and intentional participant in maintaining all aspects of your health.

At YMCA of the North, we do this according to our five dimensions of wellbeing – Move, Nourish, Reflect, Connect, and Restore – because we believe that …

  • Total wellbeing transcends physical health

  • A whole-person approach creates meaning for lasting change

  • Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury

  • No two healing journeys are alike

Why Wellbeing at the Y?

Here for All of You

YMCA of the North wants to help you navigate your whole-person wellbeing journey because access means everything!

  • Approachable — No experience is needed
  • Affordable — Financial assistance is available
  • Accessible — YMCA membership is not required

As part of our commitment to your whole-person wellbeing, we offer virtual and in-person options (whenever possible). 

Open to All

Our new and evolving Integrative Health and Wellbeing programs and services are available to everyone!

YMCA membership is not required