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Sharing Nutrition Together

A new approach to food and nutrition

  • Good nutrition provides us with nutrients and energy to keep us strong, active, and healthy while helping to prevent diet-related illness.
  • It satisfies our senses and potentially supports us in finding joy.
  • It helps us express and celebrate our connection with others.
  • It supports the earth in achieving optimum sustainability. 

Nutrition workshops are designed to provide a fun, interactive, and educational small group experience around topics like Sustainable Gardening, Intuitive Eating, and Gut Health.

    Upcoming Events

    More Nutrition

    Grocery Shopping 101

    event June 3, 2023
    schedule 10:30am-11:30am
    place St. Paul YMCA - Midway
    Saint Paul, MN

    Gut Health Basics

    event June 7, 2023
    schedule 10:00am-11:00am
    place Blaisdell YMCA - South Minneapolis
    Minneapolis, MN

    Gut Health Basics

    event June 17, 2023
    schedule 10:00am-11:00am
    place St. Paul YMCA - Midway
    Saint Paul, MN
    What to Expect

    As a participant,  you'll receive the following:

    • 60 minutes of educational content with interactive demonstrations led by a Wellbeing Instructor, Health and Wellbeing Coach, or Licensed Nutritionist
    • Practical takeaway tips and ideas
    • Group interaction and discussion


    • Members – $24

    • Non-Members – $26

    Available At

    Nutrition Workshops are available at the following locations:


    Making wellbeing more accessible

    The YMCA offers need-based financial assistance to help people access the programs that are important to them.