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Our Practice is Our Promise

Whole beings are well beings

To be whole, people need a framework that accounts for the spirit, mind, and body, including a sense of belonging. And nobody has more experience bringing spirit, mind, and body together in the community than the YMCA. It's been our 'thing' since 1844.

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Feed your whole self

We nourish our bodies with the food we eat and how we use it.

We nourish our minds through learning, contemplation, and rest.

And we nourish our spirits through the community we keep, the rituals we embrace, and the customs we share.

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Get up to get down

Some move for fitness. Some move for function. And some move to stay active, engaged, and connected to others.

No matter the motivation to move, an old expression holds true (especially as we age): move it or lose it.

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Be quiet, be still, and just be

Busy days and busy lives make for busy minds. And busy minds can make bodies anxious, minds race, and spirits dim.

So, we seek ways to quiet the world around us, center ourselves, and sit in quiet repose.


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Bring 'unity' to your community

As much as we are individuals, we are communal creatures. Our experiences and interactions with others allow us to give, take, and share energy as a fundamental part of our humanity.

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Rest, relax, and renew

To rejuvenate our whole selves, "rest and relaxation" is only part of the equation.

Experiences that include touch, sound, and energy healing can also reinvigorate our spirits, minds, and bodies.

Related Experiences

A George Wellbeing Initiative

The George Wellbeing initiative is a collaboration inspired by Penny George's commitment to integrative health and wellbeing, complimented by the YMCA's community service mission.

Thank you to Penny, Bill George, and the George Family Foundation for their relentless commitment to the Y and a combined giving of over $8M.

Making wellbeing more accessible

The YMCA offers need-based financial assistance to help people access the programs that are important to them.