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Christine Butter

I pulled into the Camp St. Croix office on a Friday, nearly closing time, to inquire about 'my age group being invited for a DAY at Camp'. I had seen a posting the week prior and could envision myself hiking in my adult children's pathways and even those of my Grandest 7 Children's, to say the very least I was feeling twitter-patted with this opportunity! Oh MY Gosh; I found out the registration date had already passed, but I was allowed to still sign up! Thank you staffer's for your flexibility. Sure some of the offered activities were filled up but there were so many more open and available for me. Let me tell YOU this was the best day of all my Springs! From the Administrative Employees to the behind the scene Kitchen Staff, the Grounds Keepers who were so friendly and helped to redirect me when I just cut myself loose of being on a time schedule. Also of course our amazing Guidance Leaders who I once again, (as I did with own beautiful children) gave over my TRUST so I could participate fully in all of the offered opportunities, scary or not, I knew in my heart you had safety first in mind which really let me just gleefully live in these bright moments before me. With your patience, accepting openness and helpfulness MY time was fully fulfilled with an experience I didn't even know that I so desperately needed.

Our Counselors had all the responsible skills of leading with joy, guiding or teaching us our activities and of course they shared a most common thread. I'll call it: a vitality for striving to be filled with earthly respect and honoring. Due to ALL of you, I was granted a day in my later life so filled with joy, contemplation and memories of all my YMCA life's experiences. This very opportunity gave me my inner past as a child and then as a Mother and now in cooperating my story as my Grandest 7 hike and sing in these same timeless lesson filled age groups. I know realize more than ever that this was the very best lesson my parents installed in my personal value system, and that I and YMCA partnered to do our upmost best to pass along to my wonderful daughter's, who at the time were ages two and barely one. Now they've chosen partner's of this same earthly honoring orientation and these 4 adults are now bringing up my Grandest 7 with their own core of this value based system!

I can't even fathom being able to form words that could possibly match me deepest appreciation for ALL of my YMCA years and that of my loved ones. Now at 68 years young I quietly recognize YMCA folks everywhere I go and how I've become a better human person because our paths have crossed. Now I add my day camp experience that provided me a step into my personal cycle of living brings me more joy! Thank You for ALL of YOU making my glorious day even possible.

I didn't realize I was about to be given the gift of reliving my youthfulness or to be myself as the kid camper. I have hiked in my own full circle or cycle and this revelation is a most profound event now included in my journey upon this earthly walk about. 

May we ALL meet again on this pathway or another, and Thank You again for coming into my life to deliver your gift of self to me, mine and to all of our YMCA Family. I'm Humbly Honored to call myself part of THE YMCA FAMILY.

My respect, honor and joy to you ALL, Christine Butter
My story includes 1952 to 2019 and on and on...