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I went to Camp St. Croix 2 years in a row 1964-65, by selling Pearson's Mints for the St Paul Midway YMCA program. I was the archery champion both those years and I had never picked up a bow or arrow in my life. The instructor said I was a natural marksman with the archery equipment. They had a final bonfire where everyone was given a native American sounding name, mine was "Shooting Star" imagine that. I remember Prof Johnson had to be a hundred years old back then but he was an inspiration to me and I went on to college earned a B.S. and M.S. in Biology which gave me the opportunity to work at NASA, Moffett Field California. I will never forget leaving camp the last year I went and got poison ivy from camp as we went to Missouri on family vacation. I learned to swim at camp which made my mom happy because we had a lake cabin and I didn't like life jackets so she figured I had a lesser chance of drowning now. - Don Shelley