Submit Your Camp St. Croix Story

My brother and I attended this wonderful camp for 4 years back in the 70's. I really enjoyed the canoeing and fishing the most. I caught a Paddle Fish one time. Swimming in the river, and doing things all kids should experience. The counselors made sure everyone had a great time. I'd love to thank them all, for their selflessness.

Most memorable things? We had the coolest bus driver one year. He liked to skateboard. We would all salivate on the new road they were building for the big bridge over the St. Croix. We talked it up on the bus, and decided we were going to tackle this road. So a bunch of us brought our skateboards. And attempted to skate down the new road. This sucker was steep. This was before helmets and pads. But we all tried it. I remember seeing our bus driver fly past me. (After I wrecked out). He was going in a straight line, with his hands crossed in prayer. He wrecked out like the rest of us. Obviously, this would never happen today. But it was the 70's! The last bastion of freedom for all, and no insane regulations! (Could be why we have so many regulations now?) The last memorable moment was the sleep over weekend. Everyone looked forward to it. Tons of team games and competitions. We were doing the tug of war over the mud pit. Our counselor tied the back of the rope to one of the buses. As soon as the hat dropped, someone drove the bus away. And we pulled everyone into the mud! Like a scene from a good "camp movie!" We moved back to Texas in '79. But the memories of this camp have stayed with me the past 40 years. -Mark Ulrich