Submit Your Camp St. Croix Story

From Rich Harmer

My name is Rich Harmer and I love Camp St. Croix. I started coming to camp with my friend Chuck Westerberg and worked my way through Pioneer, Trailblazer, Frontier, Voyager, Explorer, and LDP (I think I repeated one of those). I have many wonderful memories of canoeing and camping with some amazing counselors. Steve Benjamin, Bob Ott and Wally Nielsen to name a few. I've paddled the entire distance of the St. Croix, I portaged canoes all by myself (flip up, carry, flip down) great distances, I've been through crazy rapids on the Flambau river, made fires and dinner in the rain, learned to take care of and ride a horse, seen beautiful lakes and sunsets, and I had fantastic companionship throughout this journey. Camp St. Croix is such a special place that Chuck and I wanted to do more. We volunteered for special events and worked in the kitchen on numerous weekends. Then Chuck and I worked as Counselors (1 summer for me, and 5 or 6 for Chuck). I continue to return to this magical place every year to be the photographer for the Croixathlon - a sprint Triathlon.

Pictures covering the 6 years of me as a camper at Croix, One summer of LDP, and one year as an AC.

From Jeanette Lahm

I was a camper & then on staff for a decade (in the early 80's & into the early 90's). In many ways, I literally grew-up at 'Dear Old' Camp St. Croix. I worked as a Program Director for the Y of Greater St. Paul in the early 90's. We moved to PA shortly thereafter with my husband's job transfer. After working in development at a couple non-profits, I am now back full-circle to directing a camp & retreat center in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. Although it's not a Y Camp, it is a Christian retreat center where I am using my God-given & Croix-fostered gifts to lead others in camping experiences. I do hope one of the events/reunions happens someday over Christmas break (perhaps during Wintercroix?!) so while in town, I can come past and show my family the St. Croix I hold dearly in my heart :).

Best memory (btw) is a water fight in the dish room (with PA's Patty Mihelich, Reid & Jessie) & John Duntley (Director) walking into water ALL over the floor & quietly asking us to "ahem, clean it up." John remains a friend & mentor today!