Your organization can have a hand in helping successfully launch young people ages 14-24 into the workforce. Participating as a Career Pathways host organization is a great way to:

  • Increase diversity for your team
  • Prepare individuals to fill roles so they are ready and qualified to do the work
  • Build experience working with and supervising young people
  • Develop social responsibility in your organization

Hosting an intern

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify a project or position description that will allow the intern to work a minimum of 100 hours for 4-10 weeks during the fall, spring or summer
  • Provide intern wages for a minimum of 120 hours, which includes 100 hours of work experience and 20 hours of professional development workshops
  • Identify a youth-friendly supervisor who can commit to coaching an intern
  • Complete mid- and post-placement assessments for the intern

Become a host organization

To get started:

  • Assess your organizational capacity to host an intern—if hosting isn’t the right fit, but you’d like to support the program contact us to discuss financial sponsorship opportunities
  • Complete the Career Pathways Hosting Partner Application of Interest 
  • Attend a supervisor orientation 
  • Complete placement and screening for the intern

To learn more or to commit to hosting an intern, contact us.