Massage is a method of manually manipulating the soft body tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to enhance health and wellbeing.  A form of bodywork, massage can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, stress, correct body alignment, enhance your immune system and increase range of motion through therapeutic touch and soft tissue manipulation. Learn more about the health and healing benefits of massage.

Reiki is a gentle form of energy healing that helps manage symptoms associated with pain, anxiety, nausea, difficulty sleeping and stress. Reiki is an integrative approach that uses light, intentional touch or hands-off techniques to assist in balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Your wellbeing is multifaceted, and Reiki is a powerful healing modality that can assist you in coming into a relaxed state that encourages transformative healing.

What to expect

Following a brief consultation, your massage therapist/bodyworker will create a Wellbeing Plan during your first session, which is personalized with your goals, and the recommended services (and frequency) to achieve these goals.

Table massage is typically done undressed under a drape. Plan to undress to the level you are comfortable. During your session, a range of techniques can be used, including trigger point, deep tissue, sports massage, reflexology, prenatal, neuromuscular release, orthopedic, Thai massage, lymphatic drainage and active isolated stretch.

Reiki treatment is done fully dressed as your practitioner gently places their hands on or just above different areas of your body — including the head, shoulders, stomach, and feet.

At the end of your session, your massage therapist/bodyworker will provide some recommendations on what to do or avoid for the following 24 hours.

Gratuity is never expected, but very much appreciated.

Book a 1:1 session

A table massage or Reiki treatment session includes a brief intake process with your massage therapist, meaning your total time on the table will be slightly less than 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

  • 90-minute: $125/$112 for Y members
  • 60-minute: $95/$85 for Y members
  • 30-minute: $55/$50 for Y members
  • 10-minute hydromassage: $10 - 2 chairs available on the 4th floor of Dayton Y

Wellbeing Plans are available for an additional discount. Financial assistance is available for those that qualify, please click here to apply.

Visit George Wellbeing, or call 612-465-0468 to book a service at downtown Minneapolis or Maplewood YMCA.

Meet your provider

New client forms to have for your session

Before your session, please review and complete the forms below.

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel, please call 24 hours before your appointment. Cancellations made within fewer than 24 hours of your appointment will result in full payment of service.