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Building Whole Food Habits

Gain clarity on how to approach food and nutrition.

Holistic nutrition considers every aspect of your health, diet, and overall lifestyle when giving nutrition recommendations — there is no single nutrition diet or plan.

Your nutrition provider — a registered dietician (RD) or licensed nutritionist (LN) — meets you where you are and addresses you as a whole person. They help you understand how food choice impacts movement, sleep, stress, and relationships. They also provide recommendations for your body, relationship with food, and lifestyle.

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Nutrition services are available virtually and at the following locations:

What to Expect

One Size Does NOT Fit All

An experienced and certified nutrition specialist — such as a holistic registered dietician (RD) or licensed nutritionist (LN) — works with you to develop a personalized nutrition plan to optimize your health by using food as medicine to prevent or address chronic symptoms or support your weight management goals

    How It Works

    Schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation or a 60-minute First Session for your initial visit. Once you book your First Session, you will receive a nutrition assessment to be completed 24 hours before you arrive to help your nutrition provider prepare.

    Your Personalized Plan

    Created together and tailored to your unique health goals, your personalized plan will: 

    • Ensure you get essential nutrients 
    • Support your body’s natural ability to detox 
    • Foster optimal gut health 
    • Include obtainable food-prep strategies that nourish a productive and joyful life 

    Making wellbeing more accessible

    The YMCA offers need-based financial assistance to help people access the programs that are important to them.