Meet the Team

Who You Will Meet at Icaghowan

Because we know staff is the most important part of a camp experience, we take great care to hire and train qualified, enthusiastic staff. We look for leadership skills, prior experience working with children, decision-making capabilities, respect for the environment and safety awareness.

All staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid. Waterfront specialists are certified lifeguards, and Trip Leaders are certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Georgia Wagner

Georgia Wagner

  • Role: Executive Director
  • First year at Icaghowan: 2006-2010; 2021-
  • Favorite place at Icaghowan: Pioneer Point
  • Favorite Outdoor Activity: Boating and Hiking
  • Favorite thing at camp: Watching young people come together to form bonds, become leaders, and grow in every way
  • Email Georgia at
Maya Harris

Maya Harris

  • Role: Program Director
  • First year at Icaghowan: Camper 2004; Staff 2015
  • Favorite place at Icaghowan: The Yurt/Sunrise
  • Favorite Outdoor Activity: Hiking and Camping
  • Favorite thing at camp: Watching campers and staff create and grown lasting friendships and skills
  • Email Maya at
Nick Weber

Nick Weber

  • Role: Administrative Coordinator
  • First year at Icaghowan: 2021
  • Favorite place at Icaghowan: The waterfront
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Canoeing
  • Favorite thing at camp: Laughter
  • Email Nick at
Nicole Wirth

Nicole Wirth

  • Role: Food Service Manager for Camp Icaghowan and Camp St. Croix
  • First year at Icaghowan: 2015
  • Favorite place at Icaghowan: Sunset camp site
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Quiet walks in the woods
  • Favorite thing at camp: Witnessing the community and bonding of young people come together at the meal table
  • Email Nicole at
Ted Loenser

Ted Loenser

  • Role: Camp Caretaker
  • First year at Icaghowan: 2019
  • Favorite place at Icaghowan: Depends on the season, but the dock at sunrise in the late spring/early summer.
  • Favorite outdoor activity: Fishing! Except ice fishing…that’s not my favorite.
  • Favorite thing at camp: The second or third day of WLCs when we’ve all gotten to know each other a little bit.
  • Email Ted at