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Cecelia Benson

I made a new family in cabin 2 again and it was so nice making new friends and growing a family out and keeping in touch.

Hadley Alt

I've gone to camp for three years here and I've had so many wonderful experiences. I've met so many amazing people and will always remember all the great things I've done here. I've learned new skills, such as teamwork, and going to camp helped me learn to interact with people who I may not know. I've always loved this camp and it has really impacted my life and I will never forget that. 

CeCe Benson

I've been going to camp for 4 years, I got taught many things that one kid could dream of having, like target sports, new songs, games, and even more friends. Camp IC has helped me, and made my life a lot better. Camp Icaghowan has made me feel very welcome and it feels like a second home to me. 

Alana Weier

Camp is the only place I really feel at home. Camp Icaghowan is the only place that will ever make me as happy as I can be. I love the staff and the friends I meet here. My favorite memory from camp so far is getting my chip. I have 4 chips. My favorite chip that I have gotten has a sun on it. My favorite chip venture was my most recent time at camp. We went out in the A field and the counselors gave us papers with clues on them as to where our chip was. I really liked looking for my chip and in the end it was in the archery range. Anyways that's my favorite stuff about my chips!