Getting to Camp

You are welcome to bring your child directly to Camp Icaghowan or register for the camp bus program.


When you drop off your child at camp or the bus stop, please check in at the registration table. Have medications and camp store funds ready to turn in.


At pick-up, campers will be asked to remain on the bus or a designated place at camp. A lead staff person will match campers to parents.

You will be asked to present a photo ID. If someone else will be picking up your child, be sure to let us know in advance.

If an adult does not come to pick up a camper, we will try to locate the identified emergency contact. If no one is available after 30 minutes, we will call the police. YMCA staff members are not allowed to transport campers.

Driving Your Child to Camp

  • Opening day: drop-off is 1–2 p.m.
  • Closing day: pick-up is at 1–2 p.m.

From Highway 8 
Take Highway 8 east to Wisc. 65. Turn south (right), and go 3 miles to County Road C. Turn east (left), and follow C for 5.5 miles to the camp entrance on the right.

From MN 97 
Take MN 97 east to MN 95. Turn north (left) on 95 and go 5 miles to MN 243. Turn east (right) and go to Osceola, Wisc. Go north (left) on Wisc. 35. Travel for 3 miles to County Road F. Turn east (right) on F and go to Wisc. 65. Turn north (left) on 65. Go 1/2-mile to County Road C and turn east (right) on C. Go 5.5 miles to the camp entrance on the right 

From Interstate 94 
Take I-94 east to Wisc. 63. Go north on 63. Continue north on 46 to Amery. Turn west (left) and travel 2.5 miles on F to County Road C. Turn north (right) on C. Go 2.5 miles to the camp entrance on the left. 

Taking the Bus to Camp

For the convenience of families, we offer safe and reliable transportation to and from camp. Pre-registration is needed at least one week in advance of the start of the session.

  • Bus to Camp: $50  |  Bus from Camp: $50
  • Opening Day: drop-off is 11:30-12:00. Please arrive up to 45 minutes before the bus leaves to sign in and load your luggage.
  • Closing Day: pick-up is 2:30

Bus Stop Location

Buses depart from and return to Shoreview YMCA

Prepare your camper for the bus:

  • Please make sure that your camper has lunch before arriving to the bus.
  • Make sure your camper uses the bathroom before boarding the bus. The coach buses do have bathrooms on board.
  • Make sure your camper brings water.

Bus rules:

  • Campers sit facing forward while the bus is moving.
  • No screaming or yelling.
  • Inappropriate touching, pushing or poking is not allowed.
  • No eating or drinking except water.
  • Keep all body parts inside the bus.

Transportation Changes

Contact Us - to make changes to your transportation.

  • Transportation change requests received one month or earlier prior to the session start date will be made with no additional change fee. 
  • Transportation change requests received up to one week prior to the session start date will be made and assessed a $10 change fee.  
  • Requests must be made at least one week prior to the session start date.