You are encouraged to send mail. Be positive in your letters as they can trigger homesickness.

It is recommended that you send self-addressed, stamped envelopes with your camper. Keep in mind that lickable envelopes don't do well in humidity.

It takes 3–4 days for mail to arrive at camp. Send mail ahead of time, and we’ll save it for your camper when they are here.

Address mail to:

Your Camper’s Name
YMCA Camp Icaghowan
899A – 115th St.
Amery, WI 54001


Campers love to receive packages! Please do not send any snacks in packages as they can lead to unwanted critters in our cabins. Campers will be provided with snacks throughout their stay at camp. Suggested items would be craft things, stickers, pencils, a journal and other fun items to enjoy at camp. 

Please waive the signature for express packages.


We highly encourage written letters. If you send an email to your camper, it will be printed and put in with the regular mail. Your camper will not be able to respond.

Please, no attachments.

Parent Handbook