In the late 1960's came the first ventures into winter programs. Thor's Lodge was designed for multi-purpose use: a trail room, workshop, office/store on the first level; a dining/sitting area, kitchen and four bedrooms on the main level; and a loft third level with two Bedrooms. The idea was to house staff during the summer and to rent Thor's out to groups in the winter. All of the electric work, the interior walls, installation of the kitchen cabinets, and the finishing and shingling of the roof, was done by volunteers. This project continued into 1970. The building was named after Thor Nordwall, a prominent man in the early history of du Nord and its development. As the demands for family camper space grew, Thor's was converted to a summer cabin for families. It has two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining area with seating for all sixteen people, and a living area with a wood-burning stove. The deck overlooks Thor's field.


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Type: Full Facility Cabin
  • Location: du Nord Village
  • Sleeps: 16
  • Bedroom 1: 2 Queen Beds
  • Bedroom 2: 2 Queen Beds
  • Bedroom 3: 1 Queen Bed
  • Bedroom 4: 1 Queen Bed
  • Bedroom 5: 2 Long Twin Beds
  • Bedroom 6: 2 Long Twin Beds
  • Two 3/4 Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Wood-burning Stove
  • Deck

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