All cabins are scenically located with spectacular lake views and easy access to all activity areas. All cabins have electricity and kitchens, but our rustic cabins do not have indoor plumbing. The cabins are near a centrally located shower house with modern bathroom conveniences. Nearby biffies are also available. Linens are not included. No pets allowed. No Wi-Fi in cabins. Access to Wi-Fi may be found in some community buildings.

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Available Year Round

Located in du Nord Village

Sans Souci - Summer - Sleeps 4 (with added platform tent): $1,840/week | Non-summer - Sleeps 2: $110/night

Siam - Sleeps 4 | Summer: $2,165/week | Non-summer: $150/night

Totem - Sleeps 4 | Summer: $2,165/week | Non-summer: $150/night

Available June-September Only

These cabins are not heated.

Located in du Nord Village

Salt Lick - Sleeps 6 | Summer: $2,555/week | Non-summer: $220/night

Nugget - Sleeps 4 | Summer: $2,165/week | Non-summer: $140/night

Pilot House - Sleeps 2 | Summer: $1,485/week | Non-summer: $110/night

Located in Northland Village

McKenzie - Sleeps 5 | Summer: $1,095/week | Non-summer: $140/night

Luna - Sleeps 4 | Summer: $995/week | Non-summer: $140/night

Eagle's Nest - Sleeps 2 | Summer: $735/week | Non-summer: $85/night

Please note: Exceeding cabin or tent site capacity by one person only of any age is permissible at a fee of:

Summer | $150 per week
Non-Summer | $40 per night