Siam was the second cabin built at camp. Following a rather ingenious blueprint, the carpenters of camp built Siam, which was named because the cabin resembled Siamese Twins. East and West Siam were two separate cabins attached only at one corner and by a double fireplace with one chimney. Due to the seasonal movement of the clay under Siam, the cabin was renovated in the mid-80's and fitted with one wall of glass overlooking the lake. Unfortunately, the double fireplace had to be removed to keep the structure together. It was one of the original nine cabins available when YMCA Camp du Nord opened in 1961. Siam has a kitchen, a dining area, and an open bedroom. It is located on the beautiful Siam Point and has wonderful lake views. Biffies are located nearby and there is a centrally located shower house with modern bathroom conveniences. 


  • Rustic Cabin
  • Location: du Nord Village
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Bedroom: 1 Full Bed and 1 Bunk Bed with 2 Twin Mattresses
  • Kitchen
  • Deck
  • Lake View

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