Overview of Food Service

Providing healthy, nourishing, and delicious meals to our campers is a source of great pride for our kitchen team and camp. Over the last few years camp has had to adapt and adjust to a variety of external forces, creating unforeseen challenges that have impacted our ability to serve.

In Summer 2023 we are excited to re-open the dining hall for Lunch and Dinner.

The meal plan begins at lunch on Monday and ends at dinner on Friday. Families can select one of four options for meal service:

  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • No Meal Service

Meal Pricing


  • $44 per week per camper under 12
  • $61 per week per camper over 12


  • $66 per week per camper under 12
  • $91 per week per camper over 12

Meal Service is free for ages 0-3, with registered adult. Registration is required for each participant.

Register online for meal service

Allergen Commitment

To expand our dining accommodations, Camp du Nord is committed to using NO peanuts, NO fish/shellfish, and NO nuts. We use coconut and seeds, such as sunflower and poppy. 

Gluten free is available, but severe Celiac and other life-threatening allergies cannot be 100% guaranteed with our large batch kitchen. For additional specific allergies, the salad bar offers plant-based options for all. Staff is available to answer food related questions during mealtimes.
While we do our best to accommodate all campers, if there is a severe allergy of concern, please keep in mind that all cabins and tent sites are equipped with full kitchens or cooking sets.

Diet Description
Vegetarian No Meat
Vegan No Dairy, Eggs, Meat, or Honey
Dairy Free No Milk or Cheese
Egg Free No Eggs
Gluten Free Excludes food with Gluten – a protein from wheat, rye, barley, and oats.

Sample Menu

View sample menu

Food Service Cancellation Policy

Full payment is due at time of registration for food service.

Due to staffing and food ordering needs, the cutoff for food service registration is ten days before the first day of the program.

There are no refunds on food service cancelations within ten days of the first day of the program.

Cancelation or change requests must be sent via webform email to Y Customer Service.