Enjoy the comforts of home in a gorgeous wilderness setting. These cabins are:

  • Equipped with bathrooms and kitchens
  • Flat and Fitted sheets included, please bring your own pillows and blankets.
  • Scenically located
  • Non-smoking
  • Convenient to all activity and waterfront areas
  • Camp Map
  • Trail Map

We have several fully winterized cabins available year round that are located in both North Point Village and Buena Vista Village. For the seasons of Fall, Winter, and Springs 2023/2024, the cabins that are available year-round are Karhu, Otava, Virta, Revontulet, Polaris, Callisto, Lyra, and Cassiopeia. Please refer to the individual cabin list below to see seasonal availability on an case by case basis.

These cabins are equipped with in-cabin Wi-fi during the fall, winter, and spring: Callisto, Cassiopeia, Cygnus, Draco, Haukka, Karhu, Kettu, Koivu, Lyra, Otava, Pegasus, Polaris, Revontulet, Setri, and Virta.

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Located in North Point Village

North Point Village (formerly Sisu Village) is the northernmost part of the Camp Northern Lights property. Each of the 8 full-facility camper cabins in North Point Village are named after native trees of the northwoods. Each cabin is named after a tree that can be found nearby! This village also includes north point beach, the nursery, staff housing (Kessamoki Lodge & My Garage) and Laurentian Lodge which houses our camp store & office.

Please view Weekly and Nightly Rates for up to date pricing information.

Cedar (formerly Susi) - Capacity: 3

Birch (formerly Koivu) - Capacity: 5

Spruce (formerly Kettu) - Capacity: 5

Ash (formerly Setri) - Capacity: 5

Fir (formerly Virta) - Capacity: 5

Alder (formerly Haukka) - Capacity: 6

Jack Pine (formerly Karhu) - Capacity: 10

Red Pine (formerly Otava) - Capacity: 10

Located in Buena Vista Village

The original resort that operated these cabins was founded in 1939, and at that time, it was called Buena Vista. It translates as “good view”—and that’s exactly what you can expect from these cabins. You’ll be able to see several constellations in the night sky of the northern hemisphere. The cabins in Buena Vista Village are named after these constellations.

Please view Weekly and Nightly Rates for up to date pricing information.

Lyra - Capacity: 3

Pegasus - Capacity: 4

Ursa - Capacity: 4

Aquila - Capacity: 5

Cetus - Capacity: 5

Cygnus - Capacity: 5

Draco - Capacity: 5

Callisto - Capacity: 11

Polaris - Capacity: 8

Cassiopeia - Capacity: 12

Revontulet - Capacity: 16