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Gain Perspective from Dr. Hedy Lemar Walls

In February 1926 the nation celebrated its first African American History Month formerly known as Negro History Week. The celebration was later expanded for a duration of a month in 1976. This month raises awareness of African Americans' contributions to civilization and uplifts the impact that the culture has had and continues to have on the country.

There are many opportunities for us to learn more about the incredible African Americans' accomplishments through various educational and enrichment experiences including:

Whether it is the Equity Leadership Institute, Transformational Workplace Culture series, custom training, free online classes or more, the YMCA Equity Innovation Center is here for you to intentionally engage in thought-provoking experiences and resources that will expand your knowledge and skills. We hope you will join us as you continue your equity journey.

We invite you to explore podcasts and blogs on A Conversation on Race where you will hear from national and local leaders as they share their valuable perspective on systemic racism through their lived experiences. Nate Burleson, CBS Mornings co-host and studio analyst for NFL Today, recently visited with Glen Gunderson, YMCA of the North president, and you can listen to their visit at this link: www.ymcanorth.org/conversations.

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