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YMCA of the North supports immigrants, refugees, and asylees in securing basic needs by helping them navigate and connect to immediate resources.

Our staff served more than 950 people in 2022.

Need help? Have questions? Please don't hesitate.

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Refugee Hubs and Resettlement Networks

The YMCA engages newcomers to our community through three Refugee Hubs and Resettlement Network Services.

YMCA Refugee Hubs

YMCA Refugee Hubs serve as one-stop shops for newcomers in the community, providing them with Resettlement Network Services (RNS). Support provided in these Hubs includes:

  • Helping individuals and families to resolve immediate needs.
  • Finding employment and offering support during the initial period of employment and career improvement.
  • Providing long-term guidance and coaching to meet academic or career goals.
  • Helping newcomers adjust to life in America through free classes on how to use public transit, how to help children prepare for college, and many other areas.
  • Providing low-cost legal help and status change applications for permanent residency and citizenship.

YMCA Refugee Hub locations

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, services are only available virtually.

Resettlement Network Services

In partnership with the State of Minnesota’s Refugee Program Office, Resettlement Network Services are provided through the YMCA Refugee Hubs.

These services are designed to help immigrants, referred to as newcomers, fully integrate into American society and prepare to receive communities to be welcoming and inclusive.

Resettlement Network Services include the following:

  • Family Assisters – Family Assisters case managers work with families to resolve immediate needs and connect them to community resources to strengthen those families’ wellbeing. See 'getting started' below for more information.
  • Immigration Specialists – Immigration specialists support people via legal services on their path to becoming U.S. citizens.
  • Employment Specialists – Employment specialists assist families in securing and maintaining employment.
  • Family Coaches – Family Coach case managers mentor families about vocational pathways and employment goals.
  • Community Orientation – The YMCA and its consortium partners provide education for refugees’ integration, such as getting involved in their new community, understanding public transportation, and more.

Getting Started

Please complete the Family Assister Referral (FAR) Form below to access Family Assister services. You may also learn more about the program from the PDF brochure.

FAR Form launch

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